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Eye To Eye

Release Date: April 9, 2016
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Eye To Eye, After Hours’ seventh studio release, follows a relationship in turmoil through five tracks: a fight, the subsequent revenge, a realization, a plea, and a final encounter. Each intricate arrangement has meaning behind it and incorporates detailed textures and contemporary sounds. Love Runs Out and Comeback start off with heavy-hitting arrangements and powerhouse soloists, tapering off into the gentler melodies of I Can’t Make You Love Me and Believe. Finally, the album finishes off with the urgency and unique electric energy of One Last Time.

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Copyright 2016 by University of Rochester After Hours
Recorded Spring 2015 – Spring 2016
Recording Engineers: Kimberly Rouse, Grant Sorbo
Mixed by: Danny Olefsky, The Vocal Company
Mastering: Dave Sperandio, Vocal Mastering
Album Artwork: Grant Sorbo

Featuring: Madeline Freeman (’15), Abigail Garcia (’18), Maddy Gartenberg (’19), Jonathan Heinz (’18), Jalon Howard (’15/KEY ’16), Michelle Markowitz (’15), Bennett Nidenberg (’16/T5 ’17), Melanie Ottino (’18), Joshua Pachter (’18), John Queenan III (’17), Rei Ramos (’15), Michaela Reichert (’16), Kimberly Rouse (’17), Taylor Sargent (’15), Humma Sheikh (’15), Brian Shin (’15), Grant Sorbo (’18), Caroline Sterling (’15), Cassidy Thompson (’17E)